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We are everywhere from the southernmost point of Eilat’s Red Sea to high up in the North near the snowy slopes of Mount Hermon.

All our Kibbutzim are located throughout Israel’s beautiful, rustic countryside near all places of interest.

Israel is a country of much breathtaking contrast modern and ancient, religious and secular,
green valleys and golden deserts, sandy beaches and blue sea.

Each Kibbutz has its own unique characteristics, just like every one of us. To accommodate your personal preferences and budget, we provide several options to suit individual tastes.

You set the pace, interests and pleasures by selecting the accommodations or program that you prefer and you can even stay at a different Kibbutz every night!

Special 7 nights package country lodging

       Only $70 per night 

This low price deal will give you just

enough time to discover Israel in one week!


      Only $145 Fun & Sun 
       Petra & Eilot package

Tour & leisure

      Only $130 for Tour & Leisure  
   Enjoy hotel and combine leisure with      daily tours  

Special Desert Experience & Jeep

   Only $420 for Desert Experience
A great way to experience Israel's Southern and Desert areas with a Jeep

Special Superior 3 nights at $200 


Special 3 nights deal !